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Festivals & Events

Dennis Murphy with his ourdoor booth at a festival

A striped booth. Flags flying.

Lots of laughs, fun and audience participation.

Here's fast-paced, witty, family entertainment for ALL AGES.

Presented in the traditional fairground puppet booth of old.

That's what's on offer for your next event!

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◊ Harlequin's Puppet Theatre

A series of 'vintage' glove puppet shows starring Harlequin, Italy's favourite clown, in frolicsome escapades that feature:
* Adventure, Romance, and other Silly Situations
* Audience Participation by the assembled Riff-Raff and Rabble
* A cast of unspeakable villains, freebooters, unconscionable knaves, plotters, saucy milkmaids, spies, scheming servants and rather thuggish associates.

Pick a comedy… Pick two!

Perfect for Medieval, Renaissance and Multicultural Festivals.

“Alack! We are agog at this wanton dalliance.
Feed this sorry mess to the piglets.”

Financialle Tymes

◊ Roving Puppets

This is Puppetry up close and personal. A dodo-bird, a “Security” Bull dog, a baby dragon. Roving puppet characters meet and greet, interacting with passers-by. Very popular at festivals.

View gallery of puppet characters

◊ Mix ‘n’ Match:

A mix of performances and Roving Puppets can be tailored to your entertainment needs.

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