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~ Flea Circus ~

◊ Allenby's Famous Flea Circus

A travelling flea circus is a rare sight these days but Allenby’s FAMOUS Flea Circus has toured extensively for Arts Victoria and for the State libraries of Tasmania and News South Wales. It featured several times at Australia’s National Folk Festival in Canberra and the Blackheath International Puppet Festival..

Presented by the Circus' Director Artemus Allenby – a character based on the 1850s comic orator Artemus Ward.

The question most often asked is,
“Are there real fleas?”

We can neither confirm nor deny the presence of real fleas but according to Ringmaster Artemus Allenby, the show is enjoyed by all ages, young and old. {Though he does stipulate that no one wearing a flea collar will be admitted as it upsets the performers.

“All my fleas are well-trained. At no time is the audience in any danger whatsoever”, says Mr Allenby, “I would have it no other way.”

It’s great tongue-in-cheek fun when Allenby’s FAMOUS Flea Circus comes to town.

puppet dreadly

“Surprising, cute and comical”
Singapore International Festival for Children

“The wit, the timing, the handling, and the immediacy of his responses to the audience reflect a machinery well-honed.”
The Australian Puppeteer Magazine

“Big on amusement, this miniature circus comedy features a host of highly talented fleas.”
Time Out, Singapore

“(The character) and caustic Dickensian language reminiscent of the same era combine with visual comedy to create a hilarious and unusual entertainment to enthrall the young & old.”
Time Out, Singapore

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