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Roving Puppets Photo Gallery

Pretty Boy puppet

Pretty Boy the Budgie says he can't talk but we think he can. So is he lying when he says he can't? What??!

Wahoo puppet

This is Wahoo. We don't know what it is and we can't understand a word he ways except "kissy Kissy!!"

Dumm-Dumm the dodo puppet

Dumm-Dumm the Dodo is, as you can see, still untamed. There's killer instinct in those eyes so our insurance company makes us keep him on a chain.

Howard the Hypochondriac Hawk puppet

Howard the Hypochondriac Hawk has everything wrong with him from headaches to Housemaid's Knees. Don't get too close as he's likely to sneeze on you.

Pizza with anchovies and attitude

This pizza comes with anchovies and attitude .

Poison Ivy puppet

Her name is Ivy , short for Poison Ivy

Rumples the Clown and Fufi the Wonder Dog

Rumples the Clown putting Fufi the Wonder Dog through her paces.

Puppeteer with a chaos of puppets

Puppetry is a struggle. But we feel we are winning. More or less.

Ozone the Space Creature puppet

Ozone the Space Creature is curious as to how Earth children can grow their own hair and why they have ears. His confused explorations of Earth people are hilarious.

Wedgewood the Cockney English bulldog puppet

"Allo, allo allo! What's all this then?" Wedgewood the Cockney English bulldog is in charge of Security. He's got an 'attitude'. If you do too, there's going to be trouble. "It's a diabolical liberty!! On yer bike! End of Story."

Gunther the Pelican puppet

Gunther the Pelican , one of our most popular characters, has often featured at The Entrance, the 'Pelican Capital of Australia'.