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"The wit, the timing, the handling …
reflect a machinery well-honed."

The Australian Puppeteer Magazine

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◊ The Pram Show

Never before have so many monkeys featured in one pram!

The Pram Show provides great fun for all the family presenting a colourful cast of monkeys of all shapes and sizes. When you’re dealing with ape antics, you never know what’s going to happen next!

The Pram Show is a fast-paced succession of skits with lots of action and audience participation. It’s a madcap show that leaves children talking about the “funny monkeys” for months afterwards.

Available as a 40 or 50 minute show featuring “Special Guest Puppet” OZONE - The Space Creature from the plant Rectangula.

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puppet dreadly

◊ Harlequin's Puppet Theatre

Harlequin is Italy’s most popular clown. Now MURPHYS PUPPETS have brought this lovable rascal to Australia and adapted his zany antics for Australian audiences.

Harlequin has arrived in his most famous form of theatre - the puppet show booth. These high-energy, witty shows appeal as much to adults as they do to children.

The Comedies are available in English or Italian.

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The repertoire includes:

• Frog Prince

• Harlequin and his Magic Lamp

• Harlequin’s Sister Act”

• Harlequin and the Unbridled Market Forces (AO)

• Harelquin To The Rescue

• A Dog's Life

◊ Allenby's FAMOUS Flea Circus

Impresario Artemus Allenby presents his FAMOUS Flea Circus performed by fleas who have followed the circus tradition for generations. (25,356 generations to be exact).

See the French sesquicecenntenn-tuplet acrobats, The Bubonic Brothers, demonstrating their microscopic skills. See the diminutive daredevil Fearless Francine perform “The Leap of Death”.It’s great tongue-in-cheek fun for all ages.

◊ Roving Puppets

This is Puppetry up close and personal. A roving puppeteer takes a puppet out and about to meet and greet, interacting with passers-by.

Very popular at festivals.

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View the Gallery of Roving Characters

A mix of performances and roving puppets can be tailored to your entertainment needs!

◊ Falconry

“Some Remarks Upon the Remarkable Art of Falconry" uses Puppetry for a farcical take on Falconry.

Presenting the ‘lecture’ Showman Artemus Allenby endeavours to put his falcons through their paces. Spouting his own peculiar brand of commentary meant to be ‘educational’, Allenby gets totally tangled up with his birds and his words.

Perfect for Medieval festivals or as entertainment at corporate functions.

(The ‘lecture’ is clean adult entertainment but a shorter family version is also available.)

(ALSO AVAILABLE is our Adult-Only production. ‘The Unfortunate Fart’ - a Bawdy Renaissance Tale of High Finance and Low Flatulence. Ring us for details)

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Dennis with Flea Circus puppets

“Odd and fabulous,
‘Some Remarks Upon the Remarkable Art of Falconry’ will bend your brain and your funny-bone alike.”

- Melbourne Festival of Puppetry

◊ Theatre-in-Education (school shows)

MURPHYS PUPPETS have a range of school shows – from Kindergarten through to Year 12 – featuring Mask, Puppetry and Commedia dell’Arte.

MURPHYS PUPPETS received the NSW Department of Education’s prestigious Frater Award. Seven times!

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The repertoire includes:

• Puppet Tricksters

• Puppets & Masks of Italy

• Commedia dell'Arte

• The Commedia dell'Arte Puppeteer

how to contact Murphys Puppets

For Bookings
or Enquiries

call: 02 9631 0613


how to contact Murphys Puppets

For Bookings
or Enquiries

call: 02 9631 0613